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معراج الموت لممدوح عزام / Ascension to Death by Mamdouh Azzam

In November we’re reading معراج الموت لممدوح عزام / Ascension to Death by Syrian author Mamdouh Azzam, the third book in And Other Stories’ Arabic Reading Group. From And Other Stories: “Ascension to Death (Dar al-Mada lil Thaqafa wal-Nashr, 2003) is set in a village … Continue reading

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القوقعة لمصطفى خليفة / The Shell by Mustafa Khalifa

In October we’re reading القوقعة لمصطفى خليفة / The Shell by Syrian author Mustafa Khalifa, the second book in And Other Stories’ Arabic Reading Group. From And Other Stories: “The Shell (Beirut: Dar al-Adab, 2008) is a gripping memoir, written in spare, stripped-down … Continue reading

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الوباء لهاني الراهب / The Epidemic, by Hani al-Rahib

This autumn, the Cairo Book Club will be joining with UK publisher And Other Stories for their first-ever Arabic reading group. For September we’re reading The Epidemic, by Hani al-Rahib, from which Bassam Frangieh has translated an excerpt into English. From And … Continue reading

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